Pacific Style Palmwood

This company, Pacific Green, recycles out-of-commission coconut palms as great looking and comfy furniture with lots of character. I first saw them being promoted at a Barrett Jackson car show here in Arizona. Galleries of the photographer Peter Lik all have furniture from this company as well so you can visit one of his galleries to see the stuff in person and see how comfortable they are.
pacific green coconut palm sectionalI love the combined look of the exposed knots tying the pieces together, the warm and natural texture of palmwood, and the tanned leather... Rustic, nautical, tropical, substantial, and genuine all at once.
pacific green coconut palm coffee tablepacific green coconut palm armchairAbove and below - I love these chairs. I am not too wild about stuff that look neat but are not practical or comfortable but these chairs do both things quite well. I also love armchairs that have wide planks for arm rests - good support when you're getting in and out, and you can set your stuff right on there.
pacific green coconut palm armchairAll images from Pacific Style Furnishings website - which is just the Australian outlet for the Pacific Green company.


  1. Hi, we are actually Pacific Green ( and we're from Fiji, with outlets across the US and worldwide. The company you mention is one of our outlets in Australia. Thanks for the positive feedback.

    Dominic, Pacific Green

  2. Thanks for letting me know Dominic! The link you mentioned offered a lot more information so I added it to the post.



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