Benefits and beauty of DIY stone garden paths

There are many types of garden paths and many ways to build them but the simplest to make using the most natural materials are the ones that are usually the most attractive. Gravel, flagstone, river rocks, or some combination of those closely laid together over sand create long lasting garden paths that make simple DIY projects. The resulting organic appearance creates a great compliment to the landscape around it and has a lot character.

Such paths are also very cozy and zen looking and add to the relaxing charm that a yard and garden should provide. These paths are also very forgiving and flexible. Maintenance is easier. If one of the pieces start rocking and need to be changed or reset, it is much easier to do. If you later decide that you want to make your path wider/narrower, or add/remove a section, these changes are much easier to make. And if one day you decide to completely remove it, most of the stones can be reused in another project.

^ Found materials such as bottles, or stamped bricks, or other mementos can be added for more personalization and character.

Sources: Image 1. I can't find a reliable source for any of the other images. I found them on pinterest but the source websites are either not up anymore or they link to malicious sites. If any of them are yours or if you know their sources, please let me know so I can link/reference them.

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