Easy going stone paths

Don't you just love casually laid stone paths? Some take away from their charm by laying them a little too perfectly...

Top image from mmmee.blogspot.com, middle image from decorology.blogspot.com, bottom image from BirdsAndBlooms.com

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  1. I see you have advertising on your blog. In this regard I think it only fair that you should compensate me for the use of my photo of the stone path and tub that appears on this blog post.

    Also I see that you have removed my watermark "mmmee" from the left bottom Corner. This offense alone, under US copyright laws could be liable for penalties of $150,000. and up.

    This the post on my blog where the photo has been taken from: http://mmmee.blogspot.ca/2009/06/garden-paths-3.html

    Email me at your earliest convenience at maggie.mmmee@Gmail.com with a view to getting my paypal account to pay the sum of $300.00 for into my paypal account for permission to use my photo on this commercial blog.



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