Broken tile mosaics

Broken tiles are very versatile. They can be applied to curved surfaces or irregular shaped areas really well, and they create an easy-going, colorful look. The Architect Gaudi used the effect very well in his curved Guell Park benches (second image from the top.) Broken tile mosaics are also a great way to add color to life while preventing broken or cracked tiles from ending up in a landfill.
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Top image from, 2nd image from top is from, and the bottom 2 images are from

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  1. The only issue i didnt see in this post is about quality and quantity of tiles. You point out that boken tiles can be used as a design feature instead of handmade mosaic tiles, but no one has so many broken tiles to cover whole bath or similar.
    So, you need to buy more of the similar color.
    Also, i want to mention shapes you need to create from that tiles, so you need to spend some money to buy pro tools.
    Overall, i`ll look forward for a refined article



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