Cozy kitchens with character

A lot of kitchen updates go from kitchens with some unique character that should be appreciated, to uncreative versions of the current trend. The "updated" kitchen is often time-stamped and bound to be dated in a few years. Such an update is in most cases financially an unnecessary burden, physically wasteful -since a lot of perfectly good things end up getting ripped out and replaced because they're not the newest style. Emotionally, it is only a band-aid because the way to appreciate your kitchen (clothes, furniture, etc.) is to make a mental switch, not a physical one. There will come new trends and if your satisfaction only comes from having the current style, your satisfaction is bound to fade, and you will soon find yourself coveting newer styles.

And if your place deteriorated beyond repair and it makes more sense to renovate, it is best to go after a unique and timeless set-up so you can appreciate it for a lot longer.

Images from -Notice the mismatched dining chairs! 


  1. AMEN! could be my own words!
    in my 120 years old house were only poor rests of a early 20.cent. kitchen - at the moment we live with a provisorium. but when we come around to "do" a "real" kitchen it will look almost like the pics here. timeless, with robust surfaces and easy to clean (wich means for me stains do not show that much) and from materials which get patina instead of getting just grubby :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Beate! I'm glad I'm not the only one :) Your plan for your kitchen, especially the consideration for things that will age well, sounds just like the way I think!



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