The Spanish Chair

This here is the Spanish Chair by the designer Borge Mogensen. I love this chair. It has wide boards for arm-rests, uses natural materials, and has a simple structure. It is very comfortable; your back and bottom do not come in to contact with anything hard - only suspended leather. It is also quite light which makes it easy to move in and out, here and there at any whim - which is another plus in my book. At the Danish Design Store where I found these images, it goes for -hold on to something- a whooping $4,347 which is not quite the "unpolished life" kind of price tag, but you could make a similar version yourself for much less (while respecting copyright laws and the rights of the designer and manufacturer of the original.)
Spanish Chair Borge MogensenSpanish Chair Borge MogensenImages from the Danish Design Store.

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