Tom Scheerer

Interior designer and architect Tom Scheerer has a knack for creating some casual and relaxed environments.
Below - The simple shutters, the aged paint job, and the ground-cover are great. I am not sure what the name of that ground-cover plant is, but it sure creates a more relaxed yard than a manicured lawn.
Tom Scheerer backyardBelow - I am not too wild about those candle holders or the symmetrical mirror set up, but the dining chairs, the table, the exposed roof structure, the no-frills fan, and the French doors and the walls with their lived-in paint job make up for those.
Tom Scheerer dining roomBelow - It must be tempting to put a fresh coat of paint on that wall on the right, but kudos to Tom for resisting that urge. Whatever is going on on that wall adds a lot of character to this patio.
Tom Scheerer patioImages from interior designer/architect Tom Scheerer's portfolio.

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