Simple DIY furniture: benches

Here are a couple of DIY benches that would provide casual and attractive seating indoors or outdoors. They would be easy to make, yet they are very good looking with timeless designs.

You could build this 2nd bench with armrests as well. Original design by

Top image source, bottom image source


  1. I made this one. It turned out a little taller than some would like but other than that it was a fun little project.

    1. Is there any way to get plans for the top bench? I really like it and would love to have plans. As a second choice I would love to find plans to the second bench! Do you have plans or know where I could find them?

    2. This bench was originally designed by a volunteer at the International Crane Foundation, in Wisconsin. You might contact them to see if they still have plans. We made this bench years ago, and it is still going strong!

  2. how do you make it?

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