Stunning garden designs & permaculture

If you are looking for inspiration for new landscaping ideas, or you happen to have a yard, consider growing your own vegetables. A vegetable gardens can look stunning, and there is nothing more beautiful than the unpretentious and the functional. Also, if you are going to water and maintain a yard, might as well get some healthy and delicious produce from it!

Try to incorporate principles of permaculture in your space. My favorites are; "Simplify", "Diversity", "Biological/unprocessed resources", and "Least effort for the most effect" These principles are good to apply in most facets of life!

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  1. Consider the growth cycle of plants when creating your garden. If you plant late-growing species next to plants that have already bloomed or are dying, you can take advantage of the nutrient-rich soil created by the previous plant. Don't reserve beds or large areas of soil for a specific time of year; try to have all areas of your garden in use as much as possible.



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