Deciduous vines for shade & patio cover

Building an open pergola and using deciduous vines for shade makes a lot of sense. They look amazing, if you use grape vines you get delicious fruit for free, and they give you shade and help cool your house in summer (when you want it) and give you and your house the warmth of sunshine in colder months. Also, did I mention they look amazing!?  

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  1. I've always wanted to build a patio deck like one of these. Even though they don't block water, the vines make the best shade. It always feels cooler and fresher under plants rather than a man-made structure. A good friend of mine has a porch with kiwi vines growing across, and it is paradise to sit underneath, eating a fresh homegrown kiwi. Maybe there would be a way to build one of these covers that also has good weather protection.
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