Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

This coffee table is made from discarded wooden pallets. I love the rustic look, and the finish on this thing looks fantastic.
wooden pallet coffee tablewooden pallet coffee table topwooden pallet coffee table close upImages from AcePixure's WebShots uploads.


  1. I see many companies who still toss their broken plastic pallets
    into dumpster thinking they are of no use. One pallet is equal to
    hundreds of milk jugs or water bottles. This plastic will never
    decompose and they take up a lot of space in landfills. A better
    solution is to contact a pallet company to recycle these items
    even if they're broken. These plastic pallets can be melted down
    to create other products.
    You can have this company in Michigan recycle your plastic pallets at

  2. Thanks for the good info. Sending that much plastic to a landfill is quite a waste.



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