Tree house on a tree!

This tree house is one of the best living situations I've ever seen!  If this thing was by the water, it would be about as close to perfection as I can wish for! (Also see this!)

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Cozy cottages

Who wouldn't want to live in one of these bad boys? So much inspiration for materials, landscaping, and what makes a place cozy and comfortable overall...

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Cool place is cool

This place has cool wooden panels and shelves in the bathroom, nice tiles and a kilim rug in the kitchen, and a nicely painted door out back.

Images from Sunset but I saw them on

Natural xeriscape

A great looking mesquite tree and low water use plants by some cool stone work on the ground. The texture of the wall is pretty cool, too.

Image from Georgiana Design

Surf shack living

Live simply. Stick to the c's; cozy, casual, comfortable, colorful. Don't mind if the frames don't match as long as you like the artwork.

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Cozy beach house

Cozy and casual beach house. Location is not too shabby and there's an outdoor dining area right by the kitchen!

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Kilim pillows

Who doesn't like kilim pillows and bedroom's that open up to lush backyards?

Images from Den of Opulence


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